🌕 Full Moon Eclipse + Mercury Retrograde

The "Rx" Mar 25 - Mar 31: Your eclipse-o-grade Rx

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Written under a Aries Sun and Libra Moon, letting go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me, in order to live in alignment with my highest and hottest self .💖

Hey Cosmic Cuties!

🌕 Today’s newsletter coincides with the powerful lunar eclipse in Libra (it took place at 3 am EST)! It's a time for releasing old patterns, especially those related to codependency and people-pleasing. This eclipse can help you break free from the need to go it alone and empower you to create healthier relationships.

🚨 Eclipses can be intense, but they also hold immense potential. By prioritizing self-care (physical, mental, and relational), we can move through these portals with grace and harness their power for positive change. This eclipse offers a chance to heal your identity, self-worth, and confidence. Embrace the opportunity to become a trailblazer in your own story. 💫

The full moon eclipse in Libra has finally arrived, with its energy lingering until Wednesday morning, but the real transformation unfolds during the eclipse “portal" — March 25th to April 8th. Like we’ve discussed over the past few weeks, this is a time to release imbalanced relationships, patterns, or habits that hold you back. Libra energy guides us to let go with compassion, acknowledging that growth and change are natural. Pisces, the most spiritual sign, encourages us to cleanse and connect with our higher selves. Listen to your intuition. Don't force situations that feel off-balance. Prioritize self-care — hydrate, rest, and reconnect with your body. This eclipse opens doors for positive change — embrace it!

Following the powerful Libra eclipse, Wednesday ushers in a Scorpio moon. This introspective period is ideal for processing emotions and revelations that surfaced during the eclipse.While the eclipse portal lingers, take time to rest and integrate these experiences. Honor your heightened intuition, but be mindful of paranoia or suspicion without “receipts.” Consider pulling some cards, journaling, or talking to a therapist to navigate your inner landscape. Scorpio's energy encourages you to explore forgotten parts of yourself – even those that trigger shame. Investigate the source of these feelings and embrace radical self-acceptance. This path leads to wholeness and empowers you to step out of the shadows.

The universe is really looking out for us, as this week's intense introspection paves the way for a lighter weekend with the Sagittarius Moon! Embrace any opportunity for optimism, hope, and curiosity. Explore a new place, listen to uplifting podcasts, or simply laugh! Sagittarius encourages a brighter perspective and a break from deep thinking. However, under the combined influence of the Aries Sun and Sagittarius Moon, you might be feeling particularly impulsive. Don't rush decisions related to your eclipse revelations, but instead, wait for the full picture before acting. Patience is key here!

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3/25 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Libra
3/29 Pallas Retrograde
3/31 Vesta Enters Cancer
4/1 Mercury Retrograde

🪐 Now let’s talk Mercury retrograde. Making its (ironic) debut on April 1st, this transit coincides with the ongoing eclipse portal, making it a time for unexpected encounters, especially related to relationships highlighted by the Aries-Libra eclipse. So here are a few things to keep in your back pocket to navigate this eclipse-o-grade with as much grace as possible:

  • Prepare for the Past: Be mindful of old connections resurfacing. If someone triggers you, consider setting boundaries. This might be a good time for a cord-cutting ritual to release unhealthy attachments.

  • Embrace the "Re"s: Mercury retrograde is all about revisiting and refreshing. Review situations, refine your perspective, and prioritize self-care.

  • Slow Down & Be Clear: This isn't the time to rush ahead. Double-check details, build some buffer time into your schedule, and avoid impulsive actions. Think before you speak and slow down communication to avoid misunderstandings.

Remember, eclipses are powerful, and Mercury retrograde can cloud judgment. Take it easy, prioritize communication clarity, and let go of what no longer serves you 💖

  • Monday........ 🔮
    Get a tarot reading, pull some Oracle cards or read the Aries Season Moon Guide. Join our live moon circle at 7pm ET.

  • Tuesday......…😌

    Start your week with a grounding meditation practice.

  • Wednesday.........😴
    Prioritize sleep! Aim for 8-9 hours tonight.

  • Thursday.........✍️
    Spend 10-15 minutes journaling through any lingering feelings following the eclipse.

  • Friday..........🍲
    Make your favorite, nourishing, cozy dinner at home.

  • Saturday........ ☀️

    Get out and talk a long walk (maybe treat yourself to a coffee on the way).

  • Sunday.........🖤
    Grab a glass of wine (or your bevy of choice) with a friend you haven’t caught up with in awhile 🥂

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