Last chance for manifestations 🌑 Pisces New Moon

The “RX” Mar 4 - Mar 10: Last chance for manifestations 🌑 Pisces New Moon

Written under a Pisces Sun and Sagittarius Moon, wondering what life was like before Miss Peaches.

Happy Moon Day, Baddies!
First of all, vibe check — how was the Virgo Full Moon for you? As a refresher, this full moon gave us the opportunity to refine and revise areas of our lives that might need some tweaking, editing, or a complete overhaul. Embrace this state of "wholeness," to create balance and harmony, ESPECIALLY as we’re now entering the eclipse portal! While we’re not in full-blown eclipse mode yet, think of the portal like unplugging the stopper of a big pool — it may take a while to eventually go through the drain, but you may start seeing some ripples forming, indicating that something is going on below the surface 🌀

This weekend will bring us into the Pisces New Moon. It is the last one before we officially enter eclipse season! That means it’s the last call to manifest new desires and intentions, making it a potent time to receive downloads and insights 🔮. (Be sure to sign up for the CosmicRx+ Premium subscription for monthly moon guides as well as live New Moon and Full Moon calls)!

This week starts with the same Sagittarius moon we discussed at the end of last week, setting the tone until about 4:15 PM EST. This energy brings a sense of expansion, vision, and a desire for new beginnings — you might feel inclined to start dreaming up exciting plans, seeking adventure, or feeling particularly optimistic 😍. However, as we mentioned last week, the combination of a Pisces sun and a Sagittarius moon brings a big dose of mutable energy, which can sometimes lead to flakiness or disorganization. As the moon shifts into Capricorn this afternoon, get ready to get more grounded and focused.

Now we’re buckling down into the grounding energy of the Capricorn moon. This is your chance to focus, be productive, and tackle that to-do list. Take the cosmic nudge to embrace structure, self-discipline, and revel in your own power to get things done 💪. But remember, it's still Pisces season! Don't let the Capricorn moon extinguish your creativity and imagination. Embrace your ethereal mythical creature energy and find ways to infuse joy and playfulness into your week, even while you're being super productive 🧜‍♀️.

Feeling sharp and analytical? That's on the Aquarius moon ♒️. This is an excellent time for clear thinking, fresh perspectives, and insightful analysis. But, if we’ve learned anything from Aquarius season, it isn't just about the mind; it's also about community. Use this energy to connect with like-minded individuals. Gather friends, join a group, or network – human interaction is everything under this moon. A Capricorn moon mixed with the Pisces sun, however, might bring up feelings of not belonging — you’re certainly not alone! Your "alien" perspective brings unique insights to the world. But to combat any isolation, reconnect with your humanness. Spend time in nature, enjoy a massage, or simply laugh and cry – these experiences remind us of the richness of the human experience 🤲.

As we enter the Pisces moon weekend, let's embrace its dreamy, creative energy ✨. This is a time to tap into our inner artist and unleash our inner child. Allow yourself to be messy, explore unconventional ways of expression, and see what wants to emerge from within. Put aside the "shoulds" and "hows" that often hold us back, and instead let your intuition guide you. However, while we explore the mystical, it's important to remain grounded. Be mindful when engaging in more “practical” tasks and stay alert to potential shadow energies like escapism or negativity. Instead of getting lost in illusions, use this weekend to transmute any negativity into a deeper sense of presence 😌.

🌑 Want to know what you’re manifesting this New Moon? Check out the moon guide here.

3/8: Mercury Conjunct Neptune
3/9: Mercury Enters Aries
3/10: New Moon In Pisces

As we lead up to the New Moon, consider the idea that healing is a journey, not a destination — we may revisit past hurts even when we thought we were done. Remember that healing is nonlinear and sometimes involves holding on for dear life, feeling lost and messy, or crawling across the finish line. But that's part of the process! Amidst the chaos, trust and surrender are key and Pisces season invites us to go with the flow, even when it feels like the current is overwhelming. But real change happens when you embrace the challenges, because they're part of what makes you grow and expand. Lastly, explore how you connect with your spirit through your body, art, heart, or words, and consider what your spirit wants to show you next? Ultimately, This new moon is an opportunity to cleanse and prepare for rebirth ahead of Aries season and eclipse season. Let go of what no longer serves you and move forward lighter and brighter 💫.

  • Monday........ 🌞
    Plan a trip (hypothetical or not) to a warm destination.

  • Tuesday......…📓

    Start a bullet journal.

  • Wednesday.........🤑
    Clean out your closet and sell some clothes online.

  • Thursday.........🍰
    Bake some treats to bring to friends.

  • Friday..........❣️
    Call a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. Then join our Pisces New Moon Live Call hosted by Madi Murphy @12pm ET.

  • Saturday........🎨

    Host a “craft club” at your house. Listen to the exclusive podcast to learn what this New Moon means for your rising sign.

  • Sunday.........😊
    Start your day with a grounding practice, then create sacred space for attracting new opportunities, new energy, new mindsets, and new connections for your higher good! Today’s New Moon is the last call to manifest new desires and intentions before eclipse season.

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