How to live the dream, Saturn-style 🌟

The “RX” Feb 26 - Mar 3: How to live the dream, Saturn-style 🌟

Written under a Pisces Sun and Libra Moon. If astrology isn’t real, then explain how the theory of relativity came to (Pisces King) Albert Einstein via a dream 🔮.

Happy Moon Day, Baddies!
Following the Virgo full moon over the weekend, we have a relatively mellow week in the sky, which we’re FULLY using as an opportunity to to rest and digest any lessons that were brought up.

We’re all fully in Pisces season now and, with no major transits happening this week, this is a great time to start paying some extra attention to your dreams. As we’re in the last proverbial “rinse cycle” before the astrological new year (beginning with Aries season), begin to allow space for any lessons or “downloads” to come to you in the dream world. Before bed, try offering up a problem or something you’re stuck on to the guides to be worked out in the astral plane 😴. Bonus points if you start keeping a dream journal!

We’re starting this week feeling dreamy and romantic, especially coming off of the Venus/Mars conjunct 😘. You may feel especially drawn to creativity and find yourself easily getting lost in the beauty around you — allow yourself to feel soft and tender and experience the warm fuzziness that comes with that. That being said, this sun/moon combo can also be prone to people-pleasing. Be extra aware of your inclinations and look out for self-destructive patterns that can be disrupted.

Pull out your crystal balls because we’re feeling suuuper intuitive with the Pisces sun + Scorpio moon combo. In classic water-sign fashion, spend some time exploring the depths of your feelings, trusting your gut when it gives you nudges, and maybe bust out some divination tools to clear up ambiguous messages. With all of this watery energy, stay grounded to avoid falling into a “victim mentality.” It’s okay to feel (and you’re encouraged to feel deeply!), but there is power in taking responsibility for your own feelings and gaining the insight needed to understand yours and others’ motivations.

The Sagittarius moon is bringing mutable, dreamy, playful energy for the weekend, and we’re ready for some FUN! Things are feeling a bit more lighthearted, making it the perfect time to plug into some inspiration. Whether that’s starting a book about spiritualism, truth-seeking, or starting a meditation practice, we’re seeking to expand our minds and identify something that can bring us back into our spirit 💞. With both the sun and moon in mutable signs, you may be prone to flakiness or being wishy-washy. Give yourself some grace and don’t overcommit to plans you can’t see through.

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2/28: Sun Conjunct Saturn In Pisces*
2/29: Leap Day

🪐 *Sun conjunct Saturn in Pisces, otherwise known as the “Saturn combustion” happens On Feb 28th. When the Sun and Saturn get close together, there’s a little drama, but also lots of potential for making your dreams a reality! Your path forward may feel shaky or full of obstacles, leading to frustration and self-doubt but the magic happens when you trust the re-route! If you allow it, the path is leading you somewhere better than you originally imagined. Send your dream out into the universe, and then start actively living in a way that attracts those dreams, fully embracing the challenges, learning the lessons, and trusting the ultimate benevolence of the universe.

  • Monday........💅
    Give yourself a DIY manicure (maybe try some fun nail art!).

  • Tuesday......…✍️

    Attend a local figure drawing class.

  • Wednesday.........🦆
    Sit in a park and admire the wildlife.

  • Thursday.........☕️
    Start your day with 10 minutes of journaling.

  • Friday..........🎶
    Create a playlist that captures your current mood.

  • Saturday........📚

    Read a book that’s been sitting on your shelf for a while.

  • Sunday.........💡
    Watch a documentary about a new-to-you topic.

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