Spiritual Spring Cleaning 🧹

The “RX” Feb 19 - Feb 25: Spiritual Spring Cleaning 🧹

Written under an Pisces Sun and Cancer Moon, if you see us crying with all this water energy… no you didn’t 😭.

Happy Monday Moon Day, cosmic cuties! Happy Pisces season!

Did someone call a cosmic cleaning crew? Because the Full Moon in Virgo is coming this week to help tidy up some part of your life 🌕. This can look very literal, like organizing your home space or it can be a more energetic cleansing, such as tying up loose ends from a difficult situation.

🐟 Today, February 19th, the Sun has officially entered Pisces!
Pisces signals the time for emotional closure; when we download everything we’re meant to transmute, so we can then transform and be reborn in Aries season. The energy coming in is intuitive, dreamy, full of imagination, and lends itself to finding balance and harmony between your mind, body, and soul. Over the next four weeks, focus on rest, your spiritual and artistic practices, and generally being open to any lessons or closures that may come your way.

Are you deep in your feels today? Us too! With the moon in Cancer, along with the sun in Pisces, you may be experiencing a powerhouse of water energy. But we’re here to remind you to embrace your emotional landscape, and accept that the journey may be full of both tears and triumphs (you can be a saddie and be a baddie). Don't pressure yourself to be a stoic hero; vulnerability is a strength and there’s no medal for “toughing it out”…just burnout. Allow your emotions and triggers to be your teacher, but be mindful, as emotions can be a tidal wave and you don’t want to be caught up in the riptide. Instead, start building your emotional toolkit: learn to navigate the current, express feelings healthily, and set boundaries. Remember, you're not just carried by the tide – you're a skilled swimmer too, capable of navigating even the strongest emotional currents 🏊‍♀️.

The playful, creative combo of Pisces + Leo is bursting with pure-hearted energy, making these days ideal for unleashing your artistic spirit and romanticizing the little things (especially with Venus conjunct Mars on 2/22). Dive into artistic endeavors, express your passions, and let your imagination run wild. However, remember to keep your feet on the ground. Be wary of inflating your ego, escaping reality, or falling into a victim mentality. Embrace your inner light, but balance it with humility and self-awareness. Let today be a celebration of your creative spark and romantic potential!

In classic Virgo fashion, we’re kicking the weekend off with the Full Moon bright and early at 7:30 AM EST. Think of this weekend’s moon as your cosmic “Marie Kondo”, offering solutions to create a smoother flow for your goals and desires. But remember, Virgo's efficiency can easily tip into criticism and overwhelm. Don't get lost in the endless to-do list! All cosmic baddies know: serving others starts with serving yourself—overflowing abundance springs from a well-managed inner self, not just checking off boxes. Embrace the power of "less": focus on what truly matters and ditch the rest. Remember, you're more than just a list—reclaim your time and enjoy the journey!

Check out the Manifesting Moon Guide for more on the the Virgo Full Moon.

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2/19: Sun Enters Pisces
2/22: Venus Conjunct Mars
2/23: Mercury Enters Pisces
2/24: Full Moon In Virgo

🌕 This year’s “Snow Moon” is boldly asking you to start setting boundaries over your emotions and is working to help you put the systems in place in order to accomplish that, thanks to Virgo’s pragmatism 🙏.

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  • Monday........💭
    Write down a few positive affirmations to keep on your mirror. (If you aren’t sure where to start, definitely sign up for our course 21 days to Real Self Love audio guide.)

  • Tuesday......…🛌

    Rearrange your bedroom.

  • Wednesday.........👣
    Go for a long walk outside (bonus points if it’s by some water).

  • Thursday.........🌸
    Perform a ritual around harmony, balance, and divine union.

  • Friday..........✔️
    Gratitude check: make a list of all the things that are going right in your life. Start writing down your dreams in a dream journal

  • Saturday........🌕

    Happy Leo Full Virgo! Ask yourself where you can show up and cultivate more self-discipline (the greatest form of self-love) in order to be a disciple to yourself. Join our live Full Moon Call! Or listen to the exclusive podcast to learn what this transit means for your rising sign.  

  • Sunday.........👟
    Try out a new workout class. 

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