Subject: Unleash Your Inner Wolf (Full Moon in Leo ♌️)

The “RX” Jan 22 - Jan 28: Unleash Your Inner Wolf (Full Moon in Leo ♌️)

Written under an Aquarius Sun and Gemini Moon, being a mystical menace for collective liberation as Pluto moves into Aquarius ❤️‍🔥

Happy Moon Day baddies!
Get ready for an astrologically potent week — the planets are setting us up for deep personal healing, which has the potential to ripple out and create a world-wide impact. The Leo full moon on Thursday shines brightly, boosting confidence and helping you close chapters related to your "I am" identity. Remember a seed you planted around August 16th? It might be ripe for the picking 🍎. Leo craves attention, so reflect on your inner child. What did they crave recognition for? Embrace that part of yourself—own it— literally roar it out loud à la Katy Perry! Once you fully embrace it, you can then share your “spark” with the world to create real change.

We’re kicking off this week with the moon flitting through Gemini, little social butterflies 🦋. Our tongues are loose and hands itching to express! Take advantage of your natural curiosity to schedule a brainstorming session, pitch those innovative ideas, or pen down the stories buzzing in your brain. It's prime time for communication, collaboration, and soaking up information. But beware, too much airtime can leave you feeling anxious. Carve out calm corners, embrace nature, and breathe deeply to anchor your energy.

Who’s ready to cry at work this week? ✋As the moon moves through Cancer, it’s bringing a wave of tender emotions and a deep need for nourishment. Prioritize self-care and create your own cozy havens, even amidst work and the everyday hustle. As the Full Moon approaches, so do some dysregulated emotions. Don't be afraid to feel it all – tears, laughter, and everything in between and acknowledge your emotions with kindness. Remember, Cancer also embodies resilience and release, so use your emotional intelligence, creative outlets, or journaling to aid you in processing your feelings.

We’re kicking off a series of Leo moon days with the Wolf Moon at 12:53 EST, and it’s asking, “What part of you is begging to be seen?” Look at the Leo placements in your chart – there lies your desire to be witnessed and celebrated, not only by those around you, but also by yourself. This moon reminds you that it’s okay to feel what’s in your heart, and to bring that out into the world. As you reflect on love, passion, and creativity, think of what your “spark” is and use it to identify how you connect with your own soul, as well as the collective. Be wary of exaggerating, over-promising and under-delivering, or just being generally over-dramatic (classic Leo). Navigate these days with your feet firmly on the ground, which comes easier with the cosmic boost from practical Venus in Capricorn 🤝. Check out the Manifesting Moon Guide for more on the the Leo Full Moon.

Any insights you had following the Leo Full Moon are immediately put into action with today’s pragmatic Virgo moon — think of it like a cosmic housekeeping session; a potent opportunity to declutter your mental space and set yourself up for success this upcoming workweek. A to-do list? Hot 🔥. But this Virgo-Aquarius combo can be a double-edged sword as both signs are naturally attuned to details (Aquarius has affectionately been nicknamed “winter Virgo''), which is great for precision and efficiency but has the tendency to become overly critical, both of yourself and others. Instead, bring in a touch of Aquarius' rebellious spirit and Virgo's grounded wisdom and opt for constructive criticism over harsh judgment — and remember to extend that same compassion to yourself 💞.

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1/23: Venus Enters Capricorn
1/25: Full Moon In Leo
1/26: Uranus Goes Direct In Taurus

On January 20th, Pluto joined the Sun in Aquarius, starting a six-month stay until September 1st, followed by a quick dip back into Capricorn (during the US General Election, no less), and then a final return to Aquarius where it will reside until 2044. Here’s the TDLR: Pluto is the planet of transformation, and Aquarius is the sign of progress; putting them together will bring about individual awakenings and seismic shifts on a global scale. The last time Pluto partied in Aquarius, history got a serious rewrite (think American, French, and Haitian Revolutions) and this time is no different. We'll see individual awakenings as people shed outdated identities and limiting perspectives, while power imbalances and injustices come to light on a global scale. Pluto tears down the old to make way for the new, so it might not always be comfy, but remember, where it reveals, it also heals. This isn't a time for clinging to the past. Pluto demands we "evolve or die," urging us to embrace bold visions of a better future. Step outside your comfort zone, challenge your own biases, and champion revolutionary ideas. It's time to ditch the "every man for himself" mentality and recognize our interconnectedness. Imagine if our first instinct was to consider what's best for everyone, not just ourselves. That's the Aquarian dream – a world built on empathy, equality, and shared progress 🌎❤️.

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  • Monday........📔
    Do a 10-minute stream-of-consciousness journaling session.

  • Tuesday......…☁️ 

    Work from the cozy comfort of your bed.

  • Wednesday.........🍝
    Cook your favorite comfort meal for dinner. 

  • Thursday.........🌕
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  • Friday..........💋
    Have a GNO with your besties and spend WAY too long getting ready.

  • Saturday........🌹

    Take in some beauty — visit a park, art museum, or just appreciate the beauty in the small details around you. 

  • Sunday.........😌
    Tick one task off your to-do list, then enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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