It’s time for your spring awakening ♈️

The “RX” Mar 18 - Mar 24: It’s time for your spring awakening ♈️

Written under a Pisces Sun and Cancer Moon, wishing Ariana, SZA, and Kacey Musgraves luck in their Saturn Return journey’s. 💫 

Happy Moon Day, Baddies! Happy last official day of Pisces season!
🎉 Beginning tomorrow, we’re being launched into the spring equinox and Aries season. After the last few months of hibernation, this is a time of action, initiative, and maybe a touch of "out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire" energy with the lunar eclipse going down on March 25th.

🌊 Feeling overwhelmed? You're not alone. Pisces season might have brought up tears, loss, grief, or confusion. But here's the silver lining: this emotional rollercoaster is increasing your capacity for compassion, tenderness, and a deeper connection to your spiritual path. So let's get ready for a shift! Aries season brings a burst of action, while the eclipses offer a chance for transformation.

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The universe is giving you a gentle hug as we enter the final day of Pisces season with a Cancer moon — this double water energy is all about coming home to yourself. ❤️ Embrace the nurturing vibes on this Monday Moon day by prioritizing self-care and avoid overloading your schedule. Allow yourself to feel any lingering Pisces emotions that may surface, and use this as an opportunity for deeper self-reflection and emotional processing. Beware of passive-aggressiveness or taking on others' emotions. Setting healthy boundaries is key to navigating this sensitive day. And, as Pisces season fades, take a moment to acknowledge your growth and the lessons learned! Embrace the comfort of this watery energy and prepare for the energizing shift into Aries season.

Speaking of boundaries, you can spell it without “Aries!” Happy Astrological New Year/Spring Equinox 🎊. With both the Sun and Moon in fire signs, think of this as your official invitation to start taking action — it’s a prime time to tap into your inner "badass" and pursue your passions with earnest. Think about what sparks joy in your life, while still being mindful of potential pitfalls. Between Leo and Aries, the fiery nature can sometimes lead to impulsive behavior or short tempers. Channel that energy productively through exercise, healthy self-expression, and deep breaths. You can embrace the "Who am I?" and "What do I want?" energy that this season brings, but remember, healthy confidence shouldn't come at the expense of others. Navigate your enthusiasm with awareness and compassion. 💞

This weekend’s Aries sun/Virgo moon combo is a dream team for productivity. Aries' fiery drive merges with Virgo's meticulous nature, creating a laser focus on clearing out clutter and streamlining your life. It's the perfect time to tackle that nagging to-do list, finally organize your workspace, or jumpstart a new health routine. Don't let Virgo's perfectionism hold you back if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Embrace the Aries spirit and take action — even a small step forward is valuable progress. And, while initiating new projects is easy under this influence, finishing them might require extra focus. Set realistic goals and prioritize completing tasks for a satisfying dopamine rush. Trust us, the satisfaction of completion will be a powerful motivator to keep going!

We're going to be feeling the eclipse portal all week, but on Sunday night, the eve of the actual eclipse, it’s time to really take extra care of yourself! Focus on practices like meditation, breath work, and journaling — the crystals can wait, and instead, focus on grounding yourself. The name of the game here is moving with the energy, not resisting it, and staying grounded in the physical realm.

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3/19: Sun Enters Aries
3/22: Mars Enters Pisces

🌷This season is about unleashing your inner badass. Ask yourself: where are you dimming your light? What fears are holding you back? Don't be afraid to burn down limiting beliefs and embrace your raw truth, because the universe is conspiring in your favor! You have the strength, the wisdom, and the support to go after your wildest dreams. Remember, what you desire, desires you — it's a sacred connection. 💞

This liberation journey is about deepening love, both for yourself and others. Choose yourself, set boundaries, and go after what sets your soul on fire. It's okay to disrupt things, as long as you're kind and respectful. Life's too short to play small, so embrace your authenticity, and watch your world transform!

  • Monday........ 🙏
    Do a meditation + journaling practice to start your day.

  • Tuesday......…🎉

    Happy Astrological New Year! Send some love to the Aries in your life, or spend some time reflecting on the Aries placements in your chart.

  • Wednesday.........💃
    Take a dance class at a local studio (or stream one virtually).

  • Thursday.........💋
    Break out a bright lipstick or do a colorful eye look.

  • Friday..........
    Finish your work to-do list, you’ll thank yourself on Monday!

  • Saturday........🧹

    It’s Spring cleaning time! Start small with clearing out a junk drawer or closet.

  • Sunday.........🖤
    Take time to rest your physical body ahead of tomorrow’s eclipse.

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