Unlock Your Spark this 🌑 New Moon + Lunar New Year 🐉

The “RX” Jan 29 - Feb 4: Unlock Your Spark this Lunar New Year 🐉

Written under an Aquarius Sun and Sagittarius Moon. Expecting more sacred diss tracks while Aquarian queen Megan Thee Stallion is in her Saturn Return.

Happy Moon Day Cosmic Baddies!
This week we have the New Moon in Aquarius, which kicks off the Lunar New Year, meaning it’s time to get weird and wild in the name of your highest vision 🤩.

It’s important to remember that Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces seasons are less about jumping feet-first into a bunch of new goals, but rather closing out the storylines that began in 2023. A reminder that the astrology baddie’s new year starts in Aries season with the Spring Equinox, so instead of stressing yourself out over the fact that you’ve maybe “failed” your New Year’s resolutions, use this time to go inward, reflect, and allow the lessons from 2023 to marinate and settle. You’re gonna get your motivational mojo back in Aries season, so just trust the astrological timing and live life according to your own cycles.

With the Sun in Aquarius, this Sagittarius Moon day is literally begging you to shift your perspective. Think outside the box to solve a problem, or intentionally try to see a situation in a different light. You might be feeling a little extra curious today — feed it in order to gain even more insight! And stop to appreciate Sagittarius’ adaptability when something unexpected inevitably happens during your day. On the flip side of the coin, look out for the tendency for being overly rigid in your beliefs (we’re thinking outside the box, remember?) and take a beat to think before you speak — it’s okay to bite your tongue once in awhile 🤪.

This Capricorn Moon day is perfect for the mid-week lull — it’s bringing in loads of focused energy to assist you with taking care of business and smashing your to-do list. Turn some of that energy inward by recognizing your individualism and the power in being your own authority. You may feel inclined to be overly hard on yourself, or only finding self worth in your productivity levels (all work and no play = no fun), but if you instead direct that Capricorn ambition into realizing your whole self, you can create your own definitions of success 🌟.

We have a double dose of Aquarian energy heading into the New Moon and Lunar New Year 🧧. Aquarius is having a big moment right now, and it’s asking equally big questions like, “What is lighting up your vision?” Embrace your place in the collective by harnessing Aquarius’ commitment to connecting with community, friends, and contributing to something bigger than yourself. You may feel prone to restlessness or anxiety, so turn that energy outward and put it to positive use. Feeling nervous? Be of service!
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It’s a dreamy Pisces Moon weekend and we’re fully leaning into it. Enjoy some blissful detachment and go-with-the-flow energy, even if you’re feeling a little heaviness coming off the New Moon (even baddies get a little sad sometimes 🫶). Focus on getting lots of good sleep, and take some time for spiritual self-care and doing a little energy hygiene routine (pull some cards! play around with some crystals!). Try to stay present, being aware of slipping into disassociation or using vices to numb your emotions instead of feeling them.

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2/5 Mercury Enters Aquarius
2/9 Aquarius New Moon
2/10 Lunar New Year

This Lunar New Year brings in the Year of the Wood Dragon — fierce, forward-moving, a little mystical, and asking you to look beyond the realm of what you know to be true (no norm-core energy here 👽). Harness your inner Wood Dragon by rooting down and getting grounded with your authentic self — it may be uncomfortable and go against the status quo, but it’s time to realize that the only one who has to believe in your ultimate vision is you, baddie!

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  • Monday........🕵️‍♀️
    Let yourself fall down a Wikipedia rabbit hole.

  • Tuesday......… ✍️ 

    Fix up your resume.

  • Wednesday.........🥘
    Meal prep some of your fave dinners for the week. Boost your manifestations this New Moon and join our live call!

  • Thursday.........❣️
    Volunteer with a local organization.

  • Friday..........🌑
    Create a vision board. Listen to the exclusive podcast to learn what this New Moon means for your rising sign.

  • Saturday........☁️

    Make a cozy nap nest with lots of blankets and pillows.

  • Sunday.........🌊
    Take a walk to get some fresh air and connect with nature.

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